Travel Diary by Country

This section highlights the special and distinctive experiences that I’ve had within each country. Below is the list of countries I visited on this wonderful journey.


July 13th to 16th – USA – leaving home (Hopkinton, Massachusetts) and heading to Dublin, California

July 17th – I missed this day due to crossing the International Date Line

July 18th to 22nd – Fiji

July 22nd to 25th – Republic of Korea

July 26th to 28th – Mongolia

July 29th to August 2nd – Kyrgyzstan

August 2nd to 5th – Kazakhstan

August 5th to 8th – Azerbaijan

August 8th – Paris CDG Airport, France

August 8th to 13th – Belgium

August 13th to 17th – England

August 17th to August 18th – Scotland, in Glasgow for the Runrig Event

August 18th to August 23rd – Scotland, Isle of North Uist in the Hebrides