The Foodie Page

Above are the ingredients to the Wilson Farms fall harvest soup, which I’ve often prepared for Thanksgiving gatherings at home. Food and the loving care with which we prepare it is a common theme across all countries.



The special water of Fiji…
The water is distinctly different here. I first noticed this when coming out of a pool at the Anchorage Hotel, and easily combed through my hair; during the entire week, I never needed to use detangler or conditioner. Fijian water in general is soft, clear, and so good to drink…

Republic of Korea

Seoul is a Foodie’s paradise, as I had the opportunity to experience the most wonderful dishes both in terms of taste and appearance. At one meal, we were presented with sixteen different dishes (small, like tapas), each having their own unique combination of flavors that came together as a harmonious combination. Also delightful and a welcome treat on a hot day: a large serving of pineapple shaved ice. Even the simplest treats are pure magic in the Republic of Korea.


One tourist guide suggested that Mongolia is not a place for finding a great variety of foods… I found the opposite to be true, especially in its vibrant downtown section of Ulaan Baatar.








Selections from the Hamersay House hotel on North Uist, including a before & after of a wonderful preparation of halibut

Iceland(air)… the airline

This airline deserves an honorable mention, for making airplane food worthy of the foodie page