I’ve not properly started my blog just yet, but today was just too exciting to ignore. Experienced my first earthquake here in Dublin, California: July 16th at 1:11pm PST. Magnitude 4.3 with the epicenter about 12 miles away, I felt a rolling sensation as I was sitting in the kitchen eating lunch. My cousin also heard a loud ‘bang’ at the start of it. And then it went on for a bit — rather surprising as to how long it lasted. Fortunately, it passed quickly and life went back to normal.

Thought you might enjoy seeing the dogs’ reactions. Here are the before and after pictures that I took of Rudy and Chloe:

Will be in touch again soon…

#HumphreyFellowship #Humphreyness #IIE #WorldTravel #Runrig

#California #Earthquake


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