Dedications to my friends

Photo caption: Runrig premier of The Last Dance concert video at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on Saturday, August 17th 2019

Sometimes words alone are not enough to express how we feel, and music can fill the gaps very well. I’ve combed the Runrig archive in order to find just the right songs for each of you who were so kind in hosting me throughout my recent travels. Please see the list of dedications below, and at the bottom of this journal entry, I will also post the lyrics…

And – if I were to choose one song that sums up the trip for me, it would be the one called All the Miles from Proterra (“you were with me all the way...”)

My list mentions the original CDs on which these songs can be found, but some CDs are no longer available since the band has retired. For that reason, I’ve tried to choose from songs that you can also find on their recent concert releases — mainly their final concert tour called The Last Dance. In fact, if you get the DVD, you might even spot us in the crowd — Gary, Geraldine and me attending that final concert in 2018! (@ 44 1/2 min)

The CD, DVD, and more can be found in the Runrig Shop here.


For Isikeli and Litia Voceduadua from Fiji: Road And The River  from Mara

For Sera Kaukilakeba and her husband Soni from Fiji: Hearts of Olden Glory from The Cutter & The Clan  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Eonyoung Park and her family from the Republic of Korea: Maymorning from In Search of Angels  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Angara Sukhbaatar, from Mongolia:  Somewhere from The Story  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Anna Fatneva from Kyrgyzstan:  Going Home from The Highland Connection  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Aziza Pulatova-Hoshimova from Kazakhstan:  Every River from Searchlight  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Rana Ibrahimova from Azerbaijan:  The Greatest Flame  from Amazing Things  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Patricia Lefort from France:  Pride of the Summer from The Cutter & The Clan (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Nadine Vanhuyse and Rik Wyseur from Belgium:  The Place Where the Rivers Run  from The Story  (also on The Last Dance concert album)

For Karen and Steve Skelton, from England:  The Mighty Atlantic  from Mara

For my Runrig friends in Scotland:  Alba from The Cutter and The Clan


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#Scotland #GlasgowRoyalMusicHall

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