World Tour Photographs: Days 27-32 France and Belgium

From France onward, I visited places familiar to me from past travels, so the photographs will be more about old friends and familiar things… With France in particular, I was just passing through — going from Charles De Gaulle airport and onward to Belgium via the TGV high speed railway (always an amazing travel experience, going hundreds of miles per hour by train!). When leaving Belgium for England, I had the opportunity to take the TGV again, now that the Chunnel is an option. Highly recommended!

Photographs in this series include:

  1. Lunch at CDG
  2. Family and Friends in Lauwe
  3. Our Day in Ghent
  4. Brussels and the Belgian Federal Parliament
  5. Onward to London

France and Belgium

Getting there from Azerbaijan…

Lunch at CDG in Paris

Family and Friends in Lauwe, Belgium

Our Day in Ghent

Brussels and the Belgian Federal Parliament

Onward to London!

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