World Tour Photographs: Days 37-42 Scotland

I had planned this entire tour to finish in Scotland at around the date of Runrig’s one year anniversary from their final concert, with the hope that “something” would happen… and somehow it did: a fan gathering in Glasgow followed by the premier showing of Runrig’s final concert DVD held at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Having learned of these events after booking my tickets and that they occurred on the one night that I would be in Glasgow is a good example of the magic that has been part of this trip all along. Call it serendipity, call it faith, call it the kindness of the world — all I know is that I was just along for the ride. So grateful!

“Recovery” is not only a Runrig song (and album), but exactly what I needed to do when I continued on to Uist. Having spent many weeks travelling from one country to another, my senses had become overwhelmed with all of the beautiful sights, sounds, scents, and tastes, so being alone on an island was pure respite. I enjoyed touring various parts of the archipelago and going for strolls around the harbor in Lochmaddy. For those who don’t know Uist, I encourage you to explore it for yourself one day. And furthermore, it is a place where many artists live, whose works can often be seen at Taigh Chearsabhagh museum (link).

And I can’t believe / That it’s taken all this time
I can’t believe / My life and my destiny …
Here I am

– from “Recovery” on the album Recovery, by Runrig

Photographs in this series include:

  1. Getting There
  2. Runrig fan party and DVD event
  3. Greetings with friends
  4. Setting off for Uist
  5. Driving tour of Uist part 1
  6. Taigh Chearsabhagh
  7. Driving tour of Uist part 2
  8. Saying good-bye

Getting There

Runrig Fan Party and The Last Dance Event

Greetings with Friends

Heading to Uist

Driving Tour of Uist Part 1 – Lochportain, Berneray, StKilda, Clachan, BarpaLangass

Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Lochmaddy

Driving Tour of Uist Part 2 – Balranald, Hosta, Sollas

Sollas Bookbinders

Goodbye Uist

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