More Art, With Less Matter

Perhaps Shakespeare wasn’t thinking about the lone traveler when he wrote “More matter, with less art”, as I seem to be accumulating matter in ways beyond comprehension on this journey.

It began well enough, with a big bag, a carry-on bag, and a small briefcase to hold my tablet and things that I would normally keep in a purse. At Boston Logan airport, though, I needed to redistribute a few things. The packing cubes had been so efficient that while the volume of clothing in the big bag was low, the density was high — hence my large bag was equivalent to a massive one with a weight of 54lb. No worries, though, I shifted some heavy things into the carry-on and was all set… or so I thought…

I never stopped to consider that the carry-on and its now expanded girth would not fit into the overhead on the smaller plane that I was taking to Detroit, Michigan. The airline personnel kindly allowed me to empty some contents into a temporary bag, which I replaced with this fashionable find at Detroit airport:

The Coach briefcase was clever but impractical for daily use, such as a stroll in Napa Valley. So while there, I picked up a handbag at a Turkish store while shopping with my cousins:

We then went hiking in Muir Woods, which required a day pack and hiking shoes. I should also mention that I purchased just a few trinkets and supplies for myself while in California, but not much. So, I cannot explain how I managed to fill this massive, expandable day pack. I was originally going to select a pretty blue one, but my cousin Robbie picked out the more practical and voluminous black one featured in the photo below — it expands to such an extent that it seems to be two bags stitched together. However did I fill it???

On Fiji, I went to Bau Island as you may have seen from the Fiji page on this website. Traditions are rich on Bau Island, such as walking single file when crossing the field near the Methodist Church and not wearing anything on one’s head (including eyeglasses). To follow tradition, I came bearing gifts that included a large bolt of fabric and packages containing bars of soap. Hence another bag:

I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of the very efficient and well-organized post office in Seoul, South Korea, where I began mailing things home (laundry, for example). Notice in the lower left corner of the first picture, they even offer eyeglasses for sale in case you’ve forgotten to bring some. I usually wear mine on my head, but due to the traditions on Bau…

In case you’re counting, I’ve added one bag for every piece of land I’ve touched — including the stopover in Detroit and the venture to Bau Island. California counts twice, because it was split by an earthquake while I was there and I touched both sides.

Having accumulated so much matter in so little time, I am relieved that I can now proceed to the next destination with a fresh start and fewer bags.

#HumphreyFellowship #Humphreyness #IIE #WorldTravel #Runrig

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