These things happen…

After four weeks on the road in places like Fiji, Republic of Korea, and Mongolia, I thought I would have become saavy at ordering from a foreign menu by now. However, tonight, when I thought I had asked for a small plate of fruit to accompany a cup of tea, the waiter brought an enormous tray of fruit along with an extra large teapot!  Ah, well; these things happen…

I feel fortunate not to have had too many such incidents on this trip-around-the-world. My biggest problem so far has been falling behind on blogging and adding to my website as I pass through each country. While in Kyrgyzstan, for example, I wasn’t able to access my website for several days, and I’ve since found it hard to catch up. I will do my best in the coming days, though.

On second thought, I did spend far too much on a single load of laundry once. Oh, and I bought an extra suitcase during week three, only to mail it home fully loaded in week four (and this was my second trip to the post office for mailing home things that I overpacked or shouldn’t have bought).  Ouch!

It took me a moment to recall these and other such incidents, because I’ve long since silenced that critical inner voice and replaced it with forgiveness and a smile. If we can’t undo our mistakes, why not just let them go? It’s a very freeing feeling, and I’m finding that the space in my mind once occupied with regret and unhappiness is now filled with the reflections and good feelings of happier times.

Why stew over the bad when you can savor the good? After all, “these things happen”…

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