The Eyes Have It

We spent yesterday sightseeing in Brussels, Belgium. Although the weather was forecast to rain, we enjoyed mostly sunshine. It was a blessing that the rains only seemed to come while we were indoors.

The moment which stood out for me most happened as we were touring the Belgian Federal Parliament, when we were shown a tapestry depicting the liberation of Belgium in 1918. King Albert I is prominently featured, surrounded by his family, the military, representatives of various nations, and the people of Belgium.

Throughout the scene are horses whose eyes are captivating: strong, serene, and purposeful. While the people are varied in their occupation and nationality, the horses are a constant and unifying presence. Even the children who are offering flowers appear to be gazing directly at the horse in front, who in turn is looking back; a strong and symbolic connection between diverse peoples and a unifying presence.

The scene is meant to be about the liberation of the nation from time of war and strife, but in my mind its higher meaning is about the strength in coming together. It’s all in the eyes.

You can learn more at this site, provided by the Belgian Federal Parliament:

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