Deepen Understanding

Deepen Your Understanding

“It was not the anchor chair that made Walter Cronkite.
It was Walter Cronkite who made the anchor chair what it came to be.”

Bob Schieffer, This Just In, p 274

Bob Schieffer knew from the start that he wanted to be a reporter. He spent his time observing, learning, seizing every opportunity, and fully immersing himself in his work. Not everyone is fortunate enough to see the way ahead as clearly. Even so, learn as much as you can and do the best work that you can. “Real satisfaction does not come from getting a particular job. It comes from how well we do whatever job we have.” – Bob Schieffer

The Bigger Picture

World leaders and thought leaders are the Shackleton and Worsley of today, leading and guiding us through uncertain times to a better future. Knowing that others are tracking the North Star gives the rest of us time and space to more freely explore areas of our own choosing.

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Prepare Before Diving In

What is the difference between going deep and becoming siloed? Silos are more isolated, seeing the world through tunnel vision. With going deep, you occasionally come up for air and look at the world around you. This exposure to ideas from entirely different industries, geographies and cultures may lead to ideas that could apply within your realm. Diversity inspires creativity.

Attend conferences in new and different areas to gain insight. Seek out thought leaders whose ideas cut across industry and geography. Find new sources of information that take you far beyond your usual reading list. Breathe it all in, so that next time you can dive even deeper.

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Be Well Equipped

As you dive deep into areas of interest, be equipped with the best tools and surrounded by the best experts. Within any given industry, you may find research firms and university initiatives offering insights and future predictions to help you on your journey. Some examples include:

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Be Your Best Self

Bob Schieffer knew early in life what he wanted to be, and he worked hard to get into his chosen field. But he didn’t stop there; he was always improving himself, learning, thinking ahead, and planning his next move. Keep working at it, as there is always something new to learn and discover.

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Staying Grounded

Find sources of information that show how others forged their path. Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin compares the experiences of four US Presidents, each of whom had “crucible moments” that took significant time (years) to get through. And each succeeded in their own way, on their own terms, and by expressing their own leadership style.

It can take many different dives before finally securing your treasure.

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