Expand Perspective

Expand Your Perspective

Perspective drawing was one of Filippo Brunelleschi’s many innovations and “a landmark in the history of painting”.

Ross King, Brunelleschi’s Dome, p34

Filippo Brunelleschi, Renaissance era architect of Il Duomo (dome) of Florence Cathedral, invented the vanishing point principle used in perspective drawing. He also brought his unique perspective to problem solving, and applied it at all levels — strategic, operational, and tactical — throughout the construction of Il Duomo. Using his gift in this way, Brunelleschi delivered solutions that were both innovative and extraordinary. Click here to learn more.

Shifting Paradigms

Explore information that offers a new way of looking at key concerns in the world today. For instance, two reports published one year apart show how quickly and dramatically technology has grown from singular resource (a “root” in the illustration) to transformative change agent impacting every aspect of society.

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Crossing Borders

Study the concerns of other countries to see your own in a new light. The World Bank course “Unlocking Investment and Finance in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies” reflects the interdependence of nations and the part one plays in the bigger picture.

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Paths to Progress

Businesses, universities, government/NGO and professional associations offer informative events on important business and technology topics to expand your knowledge and to make new connections. Beyond attending, volunteer to serve in order to develop leadership experience.

Draper Laboratory
Harvard European
World Economic Forum
Women in Technology

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Staying Grounded

Seek out sources of information oriented toward solutions serving the greater good and elevating the needs and concerns of the many. Read more

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